After Effects Preset Pack

Thomas Flensted
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A collection of presets I made for After Effects to make my life easier. Hopefully it can make your life easier too.

It includes 10 presets:

  1. AnchorControl: Lets you easily set and lock your anchor point with a dropdown menu.
  2. Blink: Makes you layer blink and gives you control of speed and opacities.
  3. CleverCounter: Create dynamic and easy-to-control counters with options to add decimals, units, thousands separation and more.
  4. Easy Textbox: Handy text boxes for text layers that doesn't require additional layers.
  5. Infinite Rotation: Makes your layer rotate infinitely and gives your control of speed and direction.
  6. Infinite Scaling: Makes your layer scale infinitely and gives your control of speed and direction.
  7. NumSequence: Create sequences of numbers instantly with options to include/exclude certain types of numbers, reverse the sequence, make it vertical, control the spacing, and more.
  8. Random Flicker: Makes your layer flicker randomly and gives you control of which opacities to show and the speed.
  9. Typewriter 2.0: An improved typewriter effect with which the layer bounds represents the layer's true size. Particularly useful if you work with the sourceRectAtTime() expression.
  10. WiggleControl: Wiggle that is easily controlled from the Effect Controls panel with options to control frequency, amplitude and wiggle axes.

Watch my walk-through above to see how they work.


❗️IMPORTANT: If you get en error message in an expression, make sure you have JavaScript enabled by going to Project Settings, then Expressions and make sure you have the expressions engine set to JavaScript and not Legacy Extendscript. If that doesn't work, send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

I want this!

A set of powerful presets for After Effects.

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After Effects Preset Pack

2 ratings
I want this!